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Fire Service Communications

Effective communications is a critical component of fire service operations. It provides the vital link between citizens and responders. The Fire Service Communications Course continues to advance fire communications training, improving service to the caller and increasing safety of the responders. This dynamic course covers the terms, techniques and protocols required for excellence in fire service call taking and dispatch.


Introduction to the Fire Service

Fire Service Apparatus and Terminology

Fire Service Communications Overview

Fire Service Call Processing

Fire Dispatch Procedures

Fire Service Incidents

The National Incident Management System and Incident Command System

Hazardous Material Incidents

Terrorism Incidents

Fire - CAD 

Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) simulator for fire call takers and dispatchers to prioritize and record incident calls, identify the status and location of responders in the field, and effectively dispatch responder personnel.

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Fire Service and NFPA  Resources

Common Terminology, Plain Language, Deployment Plan, Phonetic Alphabet, Benchmarks

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Fire Guide Cards

The Fire Service Guide Cards provide agencies a guide for the triaging and dispatching of fire service related emergency calls, customized to match the needs and resources of the individual agency.

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Fire Service Communications Tutorials/Examples

How-to guides, audio and video examples. practice scenarios and scipts, 

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