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The Working Mind - Certification Course

The Working Mind Workplace Mental Health & Wellness course offered by Opening Minds & The MHCC

  • 7 hr 30 min
  • 275 Canadian dollars
  • Virtual - Zoom


The Working Mind (TWM) is an evidence-based training program developed to initiate a shift in how you think, act, and feel about mental health. It’s designed to provide practical knowledge and skills to reduce stigma in the workplace. Why Choose The Working Mind for Your Organization? Mental Health Literacy: Understand the nuances of mental health and illness, recognizing early signs in yourself and others. Stigma Reduction: Our evidence-based programs are proven to combat stigma and cultivate a supportive atmosphere for those facing mental health challenges. Adaptability: Our courses are available virtually and in-person and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Trusted: Opening Minds programs are developed in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and are scientifically proven to deliver desired outcomes. Results Driven: Psychological health incidents are the number one cause of disability leave in Canada. TWM is proven to increase resiliency and create a healthier, more productive workplace. The Working Mind is structured into four interactive modules, each blending videos, case studies, and practical exercises for an engaging learning experience. Module 1: Mental Health and Stigma – Explore mental health concepts and the effects of stigma. Module 2: The Mental Health Continuum – Use a specialized tool to monitor mental health and foster open discussions. Module 3: Stress & Resilience – Delve into stress management and resilience-building strategies. Module 4 (Managers Only): Supporting Your Team – Focus on strategies for managers to support their team’s mental well-being. Structured Learning for Comprehensive Understanding Sequential Modules: Each module builds upon the previous, offering a coherent and cumulative learning experience. Flexible Scheduling: Conducted in a single session or across multiple sessions within a two-week period. Targeted Groups: Separate tracks for employees and managers, catering to specific needs and roles. The Mental Health Continuum; is a dynamic model that visualizes mental health across a spectrum, ranging from healthy & adaptive to severe symptoms of mental distress, highlighting the fluid nature of mental health and the potential for movement in either direction. Take the first step towards a healthier organization by equipping your team with the skills to support mental health and well-being while navigating your industry’s distinct challenges.

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  • 24 Hockaday Court, Hampton, ON, Canada

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