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Mental Health First Aid Certified Training



Public Safety and Mental Health Education, Training, and Consulting

Mindful Mastery (Virtual)

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  7 hours
 6 modules

Course Overview:

Embark on a transformative 7-hour online training experience designed to enhance your resilience, cultivate mindfulness, and promote mental well-being. "Mindful Mastery" is not just a course; it's a holistic journey towards a more positive, resilient, and fulfilling life. Whether you're a professional, student, or anyone seeking enhanced well-being, this course empowers you to be more effective, calmer, and happier in all aspects of your life. Invest in your quality of life—because everyone deserves a mindful, resilient, and purposeful existence. Enrol in "Mindful Mastery" today!

Course Objectives


This comprehensive course in Mindful Mastery aims to guide participants on a transformative journey toward enhanced resilience, mindfulness, and overall well-being. In Module 1, participants will be warmly welcomed into the program, where they will receive a detailed course overview, fostering a sense of belonging and setting a positive tone for the entire learning experience. Understanding the pivotal role of mindfulness and resilience in one's life will be explored, laying the foundation for the subsequent modules. Participants will engage in setting meaningful intentions, ensuring they approach the journey ahead with purpose and commitment.

As participants progress into Module 2, the focus will shift to the Foundations of Mindfulness. They will delve into the definition and principles of mindfulness, gaining insights into the neuroscience behind this practice. Practical techniques for seamlessly integrating mindfulness into their daily lives will be provided, empowering participants with actionable tools for immediate application. Module 3 will center on Cultivating Resilience, unveiling the Four Pillars of Resilience and equipping participants with strategies to build emotional resilience. The module will emphasize the crucial connection between mental and physical well-being, ensuring a holistic approach to personal growth. Subsequent modules will further explore Mindful Practices for Daily Living, guide participants in Applying Mindful Mastery through reflection and goal setting, and provide a platform for live engagement and discussion in Module 6. The course concludes with a comprehensive recap, acknowledging participants for their commitment to Mindful Mastery and providing resources for ongoing exploration and mindfulness practices. Enrolling in "Mindful Mastery" is an investment in quality of life – a pathway to a more positive, purposeful existence that everyone deserves.



Module 1: Introduction to Mindful Mastery (1 Hour)

  • Welcome and Course Overview

  • Understanding the Importance of Mindfulness and Resilience

  • Setting Intentions for the Journey Ahead

Module 2: Foundations of Mindfulness (1.5 Hours)

  • Exploring Mindfulness: Definition and Principles

  • The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

  • Practical Techniques for Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life

Module 3: Cultivating Resilience (1.5 Hours)

  • The Four Pillars of Resilience: Awareness, Wellness, Purpose, Positivity

  • Building Emotional Resilience: Strategies for Managing Stress and Adversity

  • Nurturing Mental and Physical Well-Being

Module 4: Mindful Practices for Daily Living (2 Hours)

  • Daily Mindfulness Rituals: Creating a Personalized Routine

  • Mindful Breathing and Meditation Techniques

  • Integrating Mindfulness into Work, Relationships, and Everyday Activities


Module 5: Applying Mindful Mastery (30 Minutes)

  • Reflecting on Your Mindfulness Journey

  • Goal Setting for Continued Well-Being

  • Resources for Ongoing Mindfulness Practices


Module 6: Live Q&A and Discussion (30 Minutes)

  • Engage in a live session for questions, answers, and shared experiences.

  • Connect with instructors and fellow participants.


Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Recap of Key Learnings

  • Acknowledging Your Commitment to Mindful Mastery

  • Resources for Further Exploration


Enrol in "Mindful Mastery" today and embark on a holistic journey toward resilience, mindfulness, and well-being.


This course is your gateway to a more positive, purposeful existence. Invest in your quality of life – because everyone deserves it.


Mental Health First Aid


MHFA - Self Care and Resilience Guide

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